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____Green Words You May Enjoy Knowing___

 Picea p. procumbens

Viridescent = Iridescent Green

Etymology: Latin viridis green + iridescent

Originated Circa 1847

An iridescent surface is one that appears to change color

as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes.

 “It is hard to photograph sparkle”

Isaac Mizrahi, 2009


Hosta Popo ______________________________________

When you see a prefix of  Ver- or Vir-,

you can suspect the word may refer to greenness of some kind.
Or possibly Truth…..(Veritas)


Viridity is a noun denoting the quality or state of being Green, either in reference to color, or to the alternate meaning of youth or naive immaturity, described by the French, middle English or Latin root origins of the prefixes Vir- and Ver-.

Pluralised, this becomes Viridities = Many green qualities.

Some other nice green words are:

Viridis = general green of any shade

Viridiflorus, viridiflora and viridiflorum = green flowered

Viridifolia = green leaved

Vireo = refers to a family of small, typically greenish birds

Veridian = a chrome green pigment between green and cyan on the color wheel.

Verdancy = noun referring to greenness.

Verdant = an adjective describing the greenness in hue, generally of growing things. It has a lush sort of connotation to it.

Verdure = greenery, green growing things.

Verdigris  = the greenish patina color of oxidised copper, from the French ‘vert de grice’, literally, the green of Greece.

Hosta blue mouse ears

You may also find the Vir- inside a word, as with

Atrovirens = dark green

or Flavovirens = yellowish green.

And then there is this very lovely word referring to the

greenness of the soul -


In the 12th century, this word began to be used to describe the inspiring “greening power of God”,
referring to the animating life-forces within all creation. (Hildegard of Bingen)

 Ellen Cool

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