Pretty Pink Pumpkins and Breast Cancer Research

 Some New Varieties of Pumpkins
Support Breast Cancer Research

In this year’s farm and nursery travels, Pretty Pink Pumpkins
turned up here and there.
The name of this kind is Porcelain Doll.
She is a shiny corally pink, and each individual pumpkin
seems to have its own personality.
Mine had blue underlying highlights here and there
which gave her an iridescent look.

The ivory color companion is a recent variety of
Acorn Squash, and this one tastes nice too.

pumpkin porcelain doll

The Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation

Some years ago a farmer from Colorado spotted a pumpkin with a light pink hue
and carefully grew its offspring. Now there are enough that we can all enjoy them.

The organization Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation was founded in 2012
to establish that the growers of the Pink Pumpkins would pay
a percentage of their earnings to support Breast Cancer Research.
Seed purchases contribute to the fund too
if you want to start your own Patch for next year.
If you want to grow them, you can send a note to
Otherwise you are likely to find them next year anyway
because it was such a good idea that the Pinks, though so recently rare,
are quickly developing a wide distribution.
Your purchase encourages and supports the grower.
The growers in turn are supporting the Foundation.

Pink Porcelain Doll makes good pies but they
won’t be pink pies since, like their traditional cousins,
these pumpkins have a vibrant orange interior.
Porcelain Doll and friends
Black Stemmed Pumpkin
The striking variety of pumpkin below tends to have very
black, twisting, trunkish stems.
Its name is Cronus.
It is shown here with brown stem pumpkins so you can see the difference.

Cronus, Black stem PumpkinThis heart shape was just a lucky find, but perhaps some clever grower
will figure out how to make pink heart shaped ones………

Double PumpkinEllen Cool

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