Long Island Harvest Stories

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Around this time of year, there is always a wonderful
Harvest Fair at the Hallockville Farm Museum on Long Island.
This year the Quiltmaker’s Guild, the Basket Maker’s Guild, the Rug Maker’s Guild, the Herb Society,  the Woodworker’s Alliance and other masterful craftspersons were represented. Members worked at their respective crafts all day, providing continuous demonstrations using antique and new tools.
The members of the Antique Power Association are always present in good numbers, showing working examples of the antique and vintage machines that helped the Farmers of Long Island to flourish through the last centuries. Their collection of Stationary Engines, Tractors, Mowers and other tried and true machines is organised for our better understanding how things worked, from back in the day through the sequence of innovative designs leading them into present forms. Many of the old machines wander around the Fairgrounds for this occasion.
Much of the Homesteader’s work in the early 1900′s was done by a stationary engine, which could be put to many purposes on one’s farm. Here, with different attachments, this simple machine is shown pumping water, grinding corn, and running a small ferris wheel.
Stationary Engine
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Elsewhere on Long Island………………
This was the solution to the problem of a lost cork.
Long Island Vodka
The cork had exploded off somewhere as I was driving around Long Island, which meant the Vodka was splashing out.
I presented the matter to Nelson, a farmer at the Briermere Farms on Long Island, where I always stop off for beautiful Jams and Jellies.
So Nelson said “wait a minute, I must have something”. He spun around, looking at all his vegetables, and a moment later he reached up to grab a decorative dried Indian corn, broke off the narrow end and stripped the kernels from it. He wrapped the point in a bit of plastic and twisted it in tightly. Sealed very well !
Brilliant solution.
Long Island Potato Vodka

The L.I.V. Vodka
is created on a nearby farm, distilled from Long Island potatoes.
It is definitely the finest Potato Vodka I have ever tasted.

And then there was a Fleet of Giant Pumpkins……Suitable for small Cinderellas.

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