Artists and Photographers

The work of these Wonderful People has helped me to record and now to share some of what I have designed and made or otherwise treasured.

The photo series within A Reasoned Landscape and in Ellen Cool’s Google + page represent some favorite compositions using particular plants and configurations of masonry, wood and other landscape components. All of the photographs used in the writing have been taken in Landscapes I have helped to make or within my garden, The Parable, here at 19 Circle Street. They show the work of Stone Garden Designs Inc. unless otherwise noted. If the photos do not have an attribution, it is because I took them.
As a Landscape Designer, I have had the benefit of  30 years of outcome studies through my work. With the help of these artists I hope to share the very best of what I have found or made, and will be telling you the why and how of it as my writing goes along.

Racket Shreve  (R.S.)
Artist, Salem, Mass.


Nested  Buckets                 R.S.

Racket Shreve is well known as a Marine, Architectural and Landscape artist of the most beloved and dedicated kind. His somewhat more secret fondness for excellent tools has allowed me the privilege of commissioning portraits of the most useful and beautiful ones in my landscape life.

He has made me a few drawings and watercolors each year over many years, and I have gathered them for use in my intended books. I hope that you will enjoy them as they gradually appear throughout my writing.

.MaryJo McConnell
Artist, Marblehead, MassachusettsM////////////////////////////////////////


MaryJo’s artistic expressions have captured the essence of many things she is passionate about. Her guiding force is the beauty of nature and beloved objects and her skills are those of a master of many mediums. The birds and plant materials of her close aquaintance are often her muses. Many of these live in and around her home, but she also travels to New Guinea each year to visit and paint the artistically accomplished bowers of the Bower Birds. These birds inspire her particularly because she has a feeling of spiritual kinship with them. In their attention to beauty in their personal world they reflect a parallel artistic universe to her own. She thinks of her home as her own bower.

To preserve the habitat where the Bower Birds live, the Tribal people who watch over that land must have fresh water or the habitat of the Bower Birds will be abandoned to their fate in the hands of mining companies. There are gold and copper deposits as well as bowers in this area. The mining companies are getting ever closer.

In this quest for clean water access for the Tribe, MaryJo is raising money through a non profit fund which would be grateful for any contribution expressing your understanding of this urgent need.

You can watch the video documentary that PBS has done concerning the Birds, the Tribe and the Water project. Just Google ‘The Clever One’. This is the name the Tribal people have given to this remarkable bird.

MaryJo’s website also has further information on all of these things, and you can see some of her artwork as well.

I am grateful that she and I share a fondness for tools carrying the patina of long use. The encaustic paintings  of some of my favorite garden and masonry tools are great treasures.
I will share them with you as I go along.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Masons Trowels and an Offset Sett    Mary Jo McConnell   2009

Joseph Puleo,  = (J.P.)

Photographer,    Marblehead, Massachusetts

Joe sees things that others don’t see. He has an uncanny ability to focus both on the forest and the trees…..It has been my privilege to work with him to capture ideas expressed in the landscapes that I have designed, and helping us all to see them as only he can.

David M. Schneider, DMD = (D.S.)

Photographer, Marblehead, Mass

D.S. 2009

David Schneider has graced my landscapes as a photographer and as a friend. His work in creating beautiful photographic portraits of both vista and detail has been a precious and encouraging factor in bringing me to polish the writing I will be sharing on this site. His pictures will help you to understand what I mean to convey.

More of David Schneider’s work can be seen at
and his email address is

D.S. 2014…..

Arthur Schwartz = (A.S.)
Photographer, Swampscott, Mass

Arthur Schwartz 2009

The heart of a photographer shines out through what he or she chooses to capture of the world and confide to others. I am uplifted by the celebration of life and beauty reflected in each and every image that Arthur Schwartz has shared with me. I am charmed and encouraged that he has found some precious moments  within landscapes that I have made.

Jennifer Pederson = (J.P.)
Photographer    Salem, Mass

Corydalis flexuosa Purple Leaf

Jennifer Pedersen was my Teacher and guide into the digital image world with all its possibilities.  She shows her work competitively and is a working Professional, a valued member of the Greater Lynn Photograhic Association. Im proud to have her exceptional work displayed here amongst my writings.


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    Enjoyed your artist bios and your descriptions of your affinity for their work !

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    Good day :) Your look is original See you before long !

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