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Potatoes and Rocks on Long Island

The Rock who Tried to be a Potato When you hand harvest potatoes in Eastern Long Island you soon learn that the sandy earth coats the stones which also inhabit the earth there so thoroughly that, before washing, the two entities are often virtually indistinguishable. Their weight difference is the only clue sometimes. If you […]

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Long Blooming Plants: Thalictrum rochebrunianum and Other Fabulous Flower Fireworks

Thalictrum rochebrunianum is a Star for the Fourth of July. You can expect Lavender Flowered Fireworks, every year…. Sometimes called ‘Meadow Rue’, or ‘Lavender Mist’, this plant is elegantly vertical. When in bloom, each individual is like a 6’ magic wand, with delicate foliage and perfect lavender sparkles, which fluff out at the top in […]

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