Portfolios of Our Work

Slideshows of Landscapes
by Stone Garden Designs Inc.

Ellen Cool
781 – 856 – 5600
Marblehead, Mass.

    All the landscapes shown in these slideshows and the stills below them have been made by our company, but they have been developed in collaboration with their Owners. It is they who are truly responsable for bringing the landscapes to life, and keeping them so well. I am grateful for their permission to share these images. I hope that the pictures will help you imagine possibilities for your own place.

1. Landscapes in Process : Before and Afters


and coming soon……..

2. Completed Work

3. Garden Scenes


 Still Photos of the Landscapes
in the Slideshows.

stone materials

 Before and After Landscapes

before and after Landscapes / embankment

Before and After landscapes-1

Before and After Landscape 2

Before and After Landscapes 3

Before and After Landscapes 4before and after landscapes / concrete to granite steps

before and after landscapes / wood to stone steps

before and after landscapes-5

before and after landscapes-6

before and after landscapes-7

before and after landscapes / a planting bed

before and after landscapes-8

		before and after landscapes-9

		before and after landscapes-10

before and after landscapes-12

before and after landscapes / brick to granite step

before and after landscapes-13-Bog

Mattera bench



Eds recycled G

Ironing board

Sunset patio


Dooryard Garden

Rich's Cove

Rich's Cove

06 24_7883_edited-4


CollageBAMcC  Wood storage



collage back 40 copy

09 25_0392_edited-1


Donna's view

Hellebore Royal Heritage series May 24

07 16_8632   collageBAEGC-1



05 05_6835_edited-1






Pinus hillside creeper, fukozumi, Picea montgomerey, Cotinus

Controlling the view

studio rug

Close up views2   Entry View

Hosta embankment
close up view

Controlling the view

Thalictrum kiusianum in a Hypertufa trough, Clematis Diana alongside

Perilla = Japanese red Shiso


McCabe Trough

G. muralis, l. Alpina, mosses and Euphorbia chamacyparissias

Summer chairs in play                                    A.S.Ellen signature initial

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  1. Denise Malament
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    Ellen ..This website is incredible…So beautiful and informing… All your hard work, knowledge and creativity coming together ..and so organized! Sending you love…Denise

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