Fourth of July Plant, Spigelia marilandica

Spigelia marilandica is spectacular every Fourth of July
- A living Sparkler.

Spigelia marilandica

If you have a few hours of good sun somewhere, this beautiful and tough plant will return each year, bringing in Hummingbirds for the festivities. It will give you its amazing display for quite a while, and if you trim it after flowering, rebloom some as the season progresses.

In zone 5B it fortuitously flowers  around the Fourth of July, is fully hardy and reliable,  likes a sunny place, is fine in a moist place, and even happy in a typically drier spot, once established.
This plant is neat in its habit, and takes up only a couple of feet in width and height and so is quite easy to site, spreading gradually from the crown. The only potential problem is the color. You just want to choose its place carefully. If you have nearby plants with pinks and jewel tones or reds with blue in them, there may be color conflicts. Spigelia is, on the other hand, seriously great with light yellow, true oranges, orangey reds or any backdrop of green.

In the photo above, it is shown with Coreopsis moonbeam and the fluffy green of Euphorbia cyparissias. The Lonicera dropmore scarlet shown below  can be a good companion with its complementary orange, and this long blooming vine is typically fabulous before 7/4 and on through summer and early fall.

Lonicera dropmore scarlet and a Kousa dogwoodI have recieved excellent Spigelia marilandica plants from Barry Glick at
Sunshine Farm and Gardens,

Ellen Cool

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