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A Wizard for You

For the Spring cleaning of your landscape, what you really need is a Wizard. This Wizard is a Rake. In some ways, just after snow melt is a very good time to work in the landscape. The plants have not yet sent up many greens, so it would appear that one could make quick work […]

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The Purple Shamrock

The Purple Shamrock, A Lucky Clover Each year around St. Patrick’s Day the Purple Shamrock, Oxalis triangularis, appears at many local florist shops and grocery stores. The charming merlot colored leaves of this handsome plant can grace a modestly lit place in your home throughout the cold season, and sometimes they can come to the […]

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Long Blooming Hardy Perennial Plants : Prizewinning Series

A First Prize in the category of Longest Blooming, Hardy Perennial Self – Sowers for Zone 5B is shared between: Corydalis lutea  and Corydalis lutea alba…… Easy, long flowering friends can be found among the many perennial choices in the plant world. Among the handsomest of hardy, long blooming plants, these two enthusiastic Corydalines are […]

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